Letter from Roxanne

Letter from Allora Apparel founder, Roxanne Thomas:

“As a busy yoga instructor, I often found myself fitting in school runs, errands and coffee dates in between classes. Wanting to look a bit more pulled together, I designed a cute wrap skirt to tie on over yoga pants. From there it evolved into a reversible skirt to have more options. A print on one side is fun and casual while solid on the other more dressy.

Then I remembered a top that I had made for my mom a few years back when she was going through treatment for breast cancer. She wanted to be able to participate in exercise, but was unable to pull a top on over her head. I designed a wrap top that she could put on like a shirt, and tied at the side.

Next came a versatile dress that can be worn over work out pants or top or just on it’s own. My hope was that it could be reversible as well, but that was not cost effective to produce.

The next piece to be added was a beautiful wrap jacket. This jacket is so functional, it can cover the whole work out outfit and look stylish while doing so.

I love a simple bag, so naturally we have a bag that can be used for the yoga studio or workplace. Again, much attention to detail gives this bag the option to work or play while looking sleek.

When I started researching fabric suppliers, I discovered rpet, fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. I knew this was the key to my clothes! They would be fun and functional, offer women options to feel pulled together as they went about their busy day, and be doing good in the world. Rather than creating more consumerism, my clothes help the existing wardrobe work harder. They support an important technology helping to eliminate the ever growing problem of plastic waste. And we manufacture our clothes right here in Portland, OR, providing jobs in our own community.

I hope you love the Allora products as much as I do. A lot of time and consideration has gone into each item. Many women have contributed their thoughts and ideas into the design process to help create sleek and versatile items.”

In Peace,