Making a Difference

Clothing with a Conscience

Allora Apparel was born from a deep desire to make a difference. Due to this, a dedication to making a difference is at the core of all our business decisions. We strive for social and environmental responsible practices and believe in giving back by supporting nonprofits seeking to do good in the world.

Social Responsibility

Supporting the Local Economy

The idea for Allora was born in Portland, home to a thriving yoga collective as well as an engaged and conscientious community. We love our location and find that the Pacific Northwest is a natural incubator for athletic clothing, work-life balance, and innovation. Allora garments are made locally in Portland, OR, providing jobs in our own home town.

Our manufacturing is done in small batches in the city we are based from, at the Portland Garment Factory. This means we can support the local economy, and it also means we can keep a close eye on quality and quickly respond to any issues in production.

Supporting A Healthy Body Image

Several of our business decisions are influenced by a desire to foster a healthy body image.

Allora sizes are 1, 2, 3, because it’s a size, not a judgement (which is sometimes what small, medium and large feel like). Our T-shirts, which are made from a company that uses recycled and organic material, come in conventional sizes and are super cute.

At Allora we are also tired of a size 10 not being a 10. So instead of using a broken system, we created our own. We consciously chose to size our garments with a 1, 2, 3 sizing structure that corresponds to a range of body sizes. See our sizing chart for a detailed translation for what this means in terms of conventional sizing and inch measurements.

Finally, you’ll notice that Allora models aren’t starving or unhappy. These are real people who lead multifaceted lives just like the individuals our product line is designed for. They have average and realistic body shapes. We think they’re just lovely, don’t you?

Environmental Responsibility

Environmentally Innovative

All of the items in the Allora line are made from a combination of organic and recycled material.

Allora is proud to partner with Thread International, a fabric manufacturer in Pennsylvania that makes a beautiful and soft-yet-durable fabric called rPET. rPET, or recycled Polyethylene terephthalate, is made from used plastic bottles. By using innovative manufacturing techniques and recycled materials, Thread International saves significant amounts of energy in their production process and actually puts discarded bottles to use. Allora is passionate about supporting this technology and lessening our footprint on the planet.

Allora’s patterned fabrics are printed via an environmentally friendly sublimation process. This printing technology eliminates toxic chemical processes associated with conventional screen printing operations, resulting in cleaner waste water and less energy use. The science behind the process qualifies as “green chemistry” and contains no formaldehyde, heavy metals or carcinogens. The sublimation printing process involves a kind of fusing of ink and fabric, resulting in prints that tend to stay vibrant and fresh even after many washings. This printing method is the fashion industry’s current environmentally conscious alternative for custom printing.

Multi-Task Clothing Means Smaller Wardrobes

Folks here value unique products that are well made and serve a purpose. Our items are not meant to promote consumerism, but rather make your existing wardrobe work harder for you. Pop on an Allora wrap skirt or dress after a workout or class, and you can segue into the rest of your day. As well as being comfortable and flattering, all wrap skirts are reversible, solid on one side and print on the other.

Giving Back

A portion of all sales goes to local nonprofits. The nonprofits we donate to vary. Please contact us if you would like your organization to be considered for our non-profit donation program