Our Story &  the Allora

Our Story & the Allora Dragonfly

Allora was inspired by how real women lead their lives.

Allora is an Italian term used to indicate moving on and everything is OK! The Allora woman is on the move and isn’t phased by clothing needs of the various facets of her life. Allora – on to the next thing!

The inspiration behind the dragonfly logo is the Allora woman –  a creature who flits from one thing the next with speed, agility and grace.

The founder of Allora, Roxanne Thomas, is a yoga teacher and first saw this need in herself and other yoga students and it inspired her to create the Allora product line.

As busy women are able to transition gracefully from one activity to the next, the dragonfly easily transcends the elements. Starting out living in water, dragonfly transitions to the air. This change is seen as a symbol of growth and self-realization. The dragonflies’ ability to scurry across the surface of the water represents going beyond what is on the surface and exploring the deeper aspects of life. She is not limited by the elements, but rather glides through life with grace.

This clever little creature can switch direction in mid-flight with ease.

Whether going from work-out to work, or yoga to errands, women embrace the multiple changes of their day. Dragonflies’ introspection and ability to discover and grow her own talents is reflected by the ability to show herself in different colors, depending on the environment. This iridescence is associated with the discovery of one’s own abilities.

The dragonfly is a symbol of empowerment for women. Delicate and graceful, while at the same time epitomizing strength and adaptability.

Designed for a Woman’s Body By A Woman.

Every individual’s body is dynamic, and our bodies vary in proportion from one to the next.

A woman’s body is a dynamic thing in many ways. The most obvious way is that our bodies move and ideally our clothing supports this – with a cut that supports movement, and with materials that are supportive but not constructing. Our bodies are also dynamic in that they change in shape over the course of the year, month – and even the day! Have you ever regretted wearing a pencil skirt after a hearty lunch? We’ve been there too. Women’s body shape can also flux with her menstrual cycle, and not every item fits or is flattering at that time of the month. Finally, we sometimes gain a little and sometimes lose a little weight throughout the course of the year. Instead of having different clothing items that worked for different meal choices, times of month, and the fluctuations in our weight – shouldn’t our clothing just support these natural needs? The Allora clothing line is designed to embrace the shape of your body no matter it’s fluctuations in size and proportion. We accomplish this by using stretchy fabrics that are forgiving but supportive, and by using a tie closures for garments that envelop your body and are adjustable in sizing.

Allora Apparel was born as the result of a deep desire to make a difference.

Roxanne saw this business idea as a way to make a difference in several ways:

  1. Create a product that supports women who lead busy lives and switch back and forth between work, play, workout, and a night out.
  2. Create a clothing line and feature models who promote a healthy body image.
  3. Reduce “stuff” by creating products that are versatile, durable, and can take the place of several items in our closets.
  4. Offer a flattering and flexibly-sized garment to women whose bodies are fluctuating or have limited mobility – whether due to weight-loss, a health condition, or breastfeeding.
  5. Use environmental and socially responsible business practices and support suppliers who do the same.
  6. Support the local economy.
  7. Use business profits as a way to donate funds to nonprofits.

“My hope is that we all live a life of compassion and purpose. That we raise each other up so that all might thrive, and that joy touches all of those along our path.”

– Roxanne Thomas, Allora Apparel Founder